Offered-castings for a 1916 built WP 40' SS box car-blems

Andy Carlson


I am finishing up some improvements to the patterns of a Western Pacific 40' SS HO box car.

Some of my early resin test shots have come up with enough parts which I can offer for sale to someone on this list.These are what could be called blems in that some bubbles and some small Inline image

Inline image

surface imperfections. The roof will need some running board brackets to repair the ones with voids. The underframe has rivet strips and crossties and cross members which are delicate. A nice looking car can still be built from these castings. No other parts or decals included. The prototype is featured in a Mainline Modeler issue with Al Armitage scale drawing.

I am offering this one set of castings for $35 which includes shipping to the US. I accept checks and money orders and with a small fee, PayPal is welcomed. You can contact me off-list at <midcentury@...> for info.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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