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I believe the pictured car is IC 79000 — from IC series 79000-79031.  

The following may be more information about these cars than you want or need:  In the April 1945 IC List of Freight Car Equipment (an internal IC publication that included much other information) it shows 14 cars in the 79000-79031 number series.  The covered hoppers are shown as having a capacity of 50 tons; an interior length of 22’-0”; and an inside width of 9’-5-1/2”.  

I believe the 79000 series 50-ton covered hoppers were converted from IC USRA steel 50 ton, twin open hoppers.  

The 1945 list shows the USRA 50-ton twin open hoppers in number series 65000-65958; there were 957 cars in that number series as of April 1945.  The inside length of those cars is shown as 30’-6”; the inside width is shown as 9-5-1/2”.  The difference in interior length between the open hoppers and the covered hoppers is, I believe, because new steeper slope sheets were riveted inside the converted covered hoppers to permit them to be self-clearing with cement lading — which requires a steeper angle in a self-clearing car than coal or gravel.

The IC USRA steel twin open hoppers were originally in the 210000-210999 number series.  The 1932 OER showed 982 cars in that number series.  The April 1938 OER showEd 979 members in the number series.  

The July 1940 OER is the first one that I have that shows the rebuilt covered hoppers.  It shows 14 50-ton covered hoppers in the 79000-79099 number series.  It also shows 960 USRA 50-ton twin hoppers divided between the 210000-210999 and 65000-65959 series (a renumbering of the USRA twin hoppers  was apparently in-process).  

The 1943 OER showed 958 USRA 50 ton twin hoppers in number series 65000-65959 and 14 50-ton  steel covered hoppers in number series 79000-79031.  

The April 1946 showEd 954 USRA twin hoppers and 14 twin covered hoppers.  

The October 1949 OER showed just 187 USRA twin hoppers in the 65000 number series and just 7 twin covered hoppers in the 79000 number series.  

The January 1950 OER shows no USRA twin hoppers but still shows 7 50-ton covered hoppers in the 79000 number series.  

The January 1952 IC equipment list shows that none of the 79000 series 50-ton twin covered hoppers remained, but did show 70-ton covered hoppers in several 79000 number series.

I have long been intrigued by the IC 50-ton twin covered hoppers.  The wreck photo is the first photograph I have seen of one of these cars.  If anyone has a side view of an IC 50-ton 79000 series car I would be most interested in seeing it.  Based on my research, there may never have been more than 14 of the converted 50-ton covered hoppers in the 79000 series.

Any additional information on these cars would be welcome.

Tom Sinks

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