Re: a little help from the ACL experts

Larry Goolsby

Confirming what others have said, the ACL "script" herald was not a rolling stock herald and in my many years of compiling photos and other research, I've never found any evidence it was used on boxcars or any other revenue freight car. Its main use was on steam locos starting with the R-1 4-8-4s of 1938, then applied to all steam shortly after, and of course on the nose of diesel cab units and the sides of diesel hood units (but......not on switchers except a few of the very earliest ones). If you want one more bit of trivia, the script herald was never used on ACL passenger equipment lettering except for the B&O domes leased for service on the Florida Special right before the 1967 merger. The script herald did appear on some MofW rolling stock, and of course was used extensively on public timetables, other publications, certain building signs, etc. etc. 

The USRA boxcars used just ACL initials from delivery into the mid-1920 or so, then had the road name (in Roman font) within a circle logo added at right. This lettering continued when these cars were rebuilt with steel sides in 1937. About 1947, the herald font was changed to sans-serif. If you're still reading, I'll add that 50 of the 1937 rebuilds were further rebuilt in 1942-43 into passenger box express cars and received Pullman green bodies with while lettering consisting of the spelled-out road name and Railway Express Agency. But in no instance was there ever a script herald. 

Larry Goolsby 


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