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Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


It was more than just an appearance. I did indeed write the article, as well as the related one on the same site about USS Geneva and the D&RGW/WP/SN steel trains. In fact, the whole SN On-line site was mine, donated to the WPHS when I no longer have it hosted on the UVA server when I retired from there.

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These cars were WP 6401-6500, built by Greenville in September of 1953.  With drop ends.  25 were renumbered to WP4401-4425 in 1978.  17 were in the October 1990 ORER.

I believe building a model of these cars is so simple that I didn't bother to save how it was done:  cut out enough in the middle to get the right length, and remove the fishbelly.  Or the other way around.  And install roller bearing trucks.  The most difficult part is that there are no decals.  My plan has been to model them in their later years, using this and that for decals.  Also, my geographical area of interest is a but north of the WP; and I think one or two of these cars having business there would be more likely in later years.

A person appearing to be named Garth Groff wrote an excellent article on these cars:


Edward Sutorik.

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