Re: Photo: Fire Truck In A PM Boxcar (1950)

Robert J Miller CFA

Pressed Steel Car built 500 40’ double door cars with end doors for the PM in 1930. The original number series was 91850 - 92349

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The 1953 ORER Chesapeake & Ohio Pere Marquette District lists 55600-55694  Box Steel Frame Staggered Doors 40'6"L 9'2"W 10'H 80ooolb  62 cars, No cars in this series are listed in the 1952 ORER. The 1958 ORER lists three 3 cars left in this series.
 Al Smith
Sonora CA
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Ken Akerboom wrote: “Note the end doors on the PM”.


   Thanks for that observation Ken.  You may be correct but I’m not certain given that I can’t see as much in the shadows and cannot find such a car in Million & Paton’s Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars book. If there is an

end door that would be the easiest way to unload the firetruck. If not I’ll stick with the heavy duty floor jack under

the differential.


Cordially, Don Valentine



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