Re: WAB Postwar AAR DD Boxcar – Front Range Upgrade #4

Robert kirkham

Thanks Bob - can’t argue with success!  I’m using Vallejo, but still find it useful to know about other paint choices.  It helps bridge some of the information lost when not being able to see a model in person.  


On Aug 22, 2020, at 4:36 PM, Robert Chapman <chapbob4014@...> wrote:

Rob Kirkham asks:
Am very curious to hear what paint/ colour you used for the faded boxcar red?

Rob --
Unless you're also a paint dinosaur, this probably won't be helpful. The car is Floquil Southern Freight Car Brown, with an overspray of Floquil Oxide Red. Lacking anything better, I continue to use the freight car color suggestions in RPCyc #3. 

Bob Chapman

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