Re: Photo: Fire Truck In A PM Boxcar (1950)

Guy Wilber

On Aug 22, 2020, at 8:24 AM, Don Valentine wrote:

Thanks for that observation Ken.  You may be correct but I’m not certain given that I can’t see as much in the shadows and cannot find such a car in Million & Paton’s Pere Marquette in Revenue Freight Cars book. If there is an end door that would be the easiest way to unload the firetruck. If not I’ll stick with the heavy duty floor jack under the differential.”

Ken is correct; There is absolutely no doubt that the car is equipped with end doors.  As for the number; this car was originally in the PM 91850-92349 series.  The car was obviously renumbered into the 55XXX series at some point prior to 1950 IF the photo information is correct.  

If one considers both the length and weight of the fire truck there is absolutely no way that fire truck would have been maneuvered through the 12’ wide side doors.  It was driven in through the end and was driven out as well.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada


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