Drawing: SFRD Refrigerator Car 4751 (1902)

Bob Chaparro

Drawing: SFRD Refrigerator Car 4751 (1902)

A drawing from the California Revealed website:


This is a Class Rr-H refrigerator car, one of the earliest Santa Fe forty-foot reefers. The number series for this class was 4751-6000. The builder was American Car & Foundry.

Santa Fe was just developing its freight car classification system and the Rr-H cars were the first to have the class designation stenciled on the car sides.

As noted on the drawing, this car had Bohn ice tanks. The Santa Fe reefer book describes these tanks as "merely galvanized sheet metal linings attached to the end walls, with wire grates to hold the ice in place". This design pre-dates the Bohn Syphon System originally patented by John H. Ames.

Of the original 1,250 Rr-H cars that entered service only seven were in revenue service in 1927. The final two cars last appeared in 1930.

I don't believe any models of this car currently are available.

Bob Chaparro


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