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Bruce Smith


Huh??  There was no restriction on tank cars with a single ladder and platform in interchange. They were common. 


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Since these tanks seem to be in “company service,” and not in interchange, a lot of the rules about what the cars “had to have” didn’t apply.  That may explain the lack of a ladder and a platform.




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Here's another view of the same car, same side (handbrake, B-end, to the left):


There is a dent in the tank above the number two so maybe it was in for wreck repairs. That whole end of the car looks a little off but that could just be the perspective of the photograph. Either way, it's a new repaint with chalk lines still visible. The car is in company service, other larger capacity tanks of similar vintage also have one ladder but alas with only one platform ( The ladder on this car is on the right side when looking towards the B-end. Maybe the railroad wanted to keep that consistent.


Another company service tank, B-end to the right, ladder visible:


The battleship gon behind the tank also looks to have a dent (in the corner).


Jim Matthews

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