Automotive Restoration high gloss lacquer reducer

Andy Carlson

This firm sells High Quality lacquer reducer (Automotive paint shops name for lacquer thinner). I just bought a one gallon can with free shipping to California for $47.95. If a modeler were to use this product solely for thinning air brush mixtures this gallon can could last for a long time. Use the Ace Hardware lacquer thinner for clean up; A win win situation. I have used this many times for AccuPaint and it could be very close to the same mix as AccuPaint brand of thinner. It is $0.37 per ounce.

Years ago the author James Six was often admitting to using automotive reducer for thinning all of the solvent paints--Floquil, Scalecoat 1, Accupaint. and others. He was titled "King of the diesel painters" by a magazine, perhaps Mainline Modeler.

.  Click on Autopaints and under "paint additives and supplies" followed by "Paint reducers and thinners". They also handle airbrush and compressors. They have a airbrush nozzle clearing brass tool which is highly recommended by Thom Knapp who is an active and succesful acrylic painter.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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