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Kenneth Montero


From an earlier posting by Jon Miller on August 31 - these folks buy & sell Floquil, and currently list Glaze for sale (I just checked):

Ken Montero

On 09/01/2020 7:12 PM WILLIAM PARDIE <pardiew001@...> wrote:

I had a fair stash of flotilla when they shut down and have accumulated more of their basic colors since.  What I did no have was Dio sol.

I got the mix for Diosol from a trusted modeler.
It is :

       40%   Toluene
        40%   Nathan
        20%   Xylene

I think I have a lifetime supply of these.  Now if I could just find Floquil Glaze.

Bill Pardie


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Date: 9/1/20 12:26 PM (GMT-10:00)
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John Sykes wrote:

SCI is a whole different problem.  Since DioSol has gone the way of the dinosaurs, you have lacquer thinner (do not use the junk they sell as HD or Lowes, go to a good paint store and get the "hot" automotive lacquer thinner), and Steve Hoxie uses xylenes (a/k/a xylol).  I've tried the xylenes and it works well but is more expensive than the lacquer thinner (I get my LT at Sherwin Williams).  The junk they sell at HD, Lowes and Ace is only good for cleaning brushes, spills, etc.

If you are in California, getting these solvents may be a problem, so drive over to Nevada.  

     Good "professional" paint stores have all this stuff in California. The "Big Box" boys don't want to do the paperwork, but it can certainly be sold here.
      Incidentally, as John knows, there is no unique entity "paint thinner." A wide variety of formulations have been and still are so marketed. Mineral sports usually dominate, but lots of other things, such as turpentine, naphtha, toluene and MEK may also be present. And for those not familiar, "VOC" stands for Volatile Organic Compounds."

Tony Thompson
Berkeley, CA

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