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Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


Mont Switzer wrote an article on FGEX family reefers in the March 2011 RMC. It is supposedly about a Kahn's reefer, but other cars are shown. One of his models is NX 6808. He did the roof in silver, and it appears that the running board is FCR. 

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Several years ago I bought, at Cocoa Beach, a 5th Avenue Car Shops, Accurail kit for a National Car Company reefer.  Now that it’s properly aged I thought I’d get to it and assemble it, adding appropriate details as I can.  But the first instruction is to paint the roof “silver.”


And that is my question.  What is meant by the term “silver?”   Silver as in the prototype was actually painted with silver paint?  Or is this a “galvanized roof color silver?”  The sides are lettered as “REBUILT PLT 1-52” which is also the last reweigh date, so this is a “new” car for my modeling purposes.


I have a mix I use for galvanized roofs which is part silver, part gray, and looks very good.  But I also have silver paint, and could use that.  In any event, it will get a dusting of loco exhaust (both, either, steam or diesel) and perhaps some light weathering, dust along the bottom edge mostly, along the sides and ends.


Oh, and while we’re at it, the supplied roof walk is wood, painted brown to match the ends (and underframe).  In ’52, would these cars have a metal roof walk?  Of what style?  And one more variable, should the roof walk be painted silver, too?  And is that a “depends on whether it’s wood or metal” question?


And what may be a minor point: Where was “PLT” ?


Thanks for the assistance I know this list can provide.



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