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Steve and Barb Hile

I have purchased Precision Scale parts from their store on eBay, I don’t know if there is a significant price advantages or disadvantages to doing it this way, but their service is quick and accurate and you can see the part in its packaging.


Steve Hile


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Their web site <> has the contact info phone, email, as well as catalogs and price lists.  As Nelson mentions only the family members are handling the business now, but they have responded to emails fairly quickly so far.




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Precision Scale Company

560 Ione Road

Pasco, WA 99301


I don’t have the phone number, but they will accept phone orders. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they’re employees are furloughed, but since it’s now a family business, they will fill orders for parts in stock. Expect a long wait.


Nelson Moyer


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Good Morning All:


I seem to have misplaced my  contact for the hobby shop in Washington that is took over the Precision Scale line.  Help please,


Thanks in advance:


Bill Pardie



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