Re: Santa Fe 5-5-5-2 ends

John Barry


Greg had a number of those ends cast and they were available through him.  I picked up one of if not the last one that he had at CCB this year.  Greg had also been working on masters for the slightly taller ends for the Bx-32, 33 and 36.  I am unaware of what has become of Greg's modeling projects.

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On Friday, September 4, 2020, 03:54:53 PM EDT, Allan Smith <smithal9@...> wrote:

In 2014 Greg Martin did a clinic on Santa Fe rebuilt boxcars, one of the detail parts was a 5-5-5-2 end. Does anyone in the group know where I can get two sets of those ends.I tried working with Tichy 5-5-5 ends by cutting them up and adding two ribs to the top, but they are a foot to tall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Al Smith

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