Re: image from Homestead, PA in 1915

Eric Hansmann

Mill gondolas had drop-door ends to haul loads that were longer than the car. These may extend onto another car with a bearing plate for the load to ride upon. The chains are a safety to keep the cars together in case of coupler failure.


I don’t know if the chain connections were a requirement for these loads. In reviewing the Loading of Materials section of the 1919 Car Builder Directory, I do not see the chain connections noted with loads spanning multiple cars.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN




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The BR&P gon has what I think are "safety chains" on the end sill.  Three links are to the right of the coupler, two links and a hook are to the left.  Was this "system" ever an industry requirement?  If not, how widespread was it?  When was it discontinued or least no longer maintained.

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