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Robert kirkham

Is it the width at those heights?


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Hi Folks,
The dimensional data in the attached image doesn’t make sense to me.  I tried to puzzle it out using the ORER, but no luck.  Obviously I have a wrong assumption somewhere.  Here’s my thinking and you can tell me where I’ve gone wrong:
EX. W 10 – 5 is the Extreme Width of the car.  It’s the widest point of the car.  H. 13-1 is the Extreme Height of the car.  It’s the highest point on the car (over the running board or brakewheel).
E.W.  9-4 is the Eave Width of the car.  It’s how wide the car is at the eaves, so one will know if it’ll clear a canopy on a loading dock.  H. 14-0 is the height of the car at the eaves, again so that it can clear a canopy.
How can the Eave Height be 14-0, which is greater than the Extreme Height of 13-1?  Obviously I’ve misunderstood something, but what?
BTW, the ORER gives the “Height, To Extreme Height” as 14-8.  So what, then, is the “H 13-1” next to the EX. W??
I don’t think it’s a stencilling error, as I see a similar discrepancy on a UP A-50-21.
Thanks for your help,
<UP 183586 7-30-1950.jpg>

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