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Aley, Jeff A

Thanks guys, but I’m still puzzled. 


Now it appears that I don’t understand the ORER.  The ORER has a column labeled, “Dimensions – Outside – Height from rail – To Extreme Width”.  For this car, UP 183586, that dimension is 5’2” (which is probably a grab iron).  Am I misunderstanding this column?  I think not, because I did read the “Key Pages for Standard headings in registration pages” in the back of the ORER reprint (p786 in the NMRA 1953 ORER reprint).


All this arose because Jacob Damron asked about dimensional data for a custom decal set he’s making.  I looked up the car in the ORER, and gave him some numbers, but now I fear that I gave him the wrong numbers.  We wouldn’t want the decals to be wrong, now would we?


Thanks again for the further education.







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On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 01:11 PM, Robert kirkham wrote:

Is it the width at those heights?

Rob has it right, the H dimension that follows the EXW dimension tells you how high up the car the extreme width is. Sometimes it's really low, like at the door latch bars on a plug door reefer. At thirteen feet up, it's likely the upper door track.

Dennis Storzek

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