Re: Dimensional Data - wrong assumptions

Dennis Storzek

I looked at the ARA lettering diagram presented in the 1931 CBC, but at that time the arrangement only included EW and EH, which are the width and height of the eaves, with a not explaining that if the latitudinal platform is as wide as the eaves, the height over the platform should be used. I then checked the 1946 CBC, which used the same drawing, with a note that it was last revised in 1936 with the EXW dimension being added, but no mention of the corresponding height. I 'm sure that the data arrangement:

EXW 00-00    H 00-00
EW   00-00    H 00-00

was in use before the war but am at loss to explain why the info in the CBC wasn't updated. We need to chech an AAR field manual from the period, bi, unfortunately, don't have one.

Dennis Storzek

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