I notice the ARMOUR meat distributorship branch house

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
I was getting rid of old calendars, and I remembered this nice image from the New Haven Railroad 2019 calendar, the illustration for July.
Beyond the obvious ACF Talgo Train on display in New London CT in 1954 there is yet a lot to see in the image. I enjoy the advertizing and billboards on the extreme right side. The tracks the train is displayed upon are free of weeds, indicating they are likely in regular use, they probably serve as team tracks for freight deliveries. I like the 'wheel stop' type end-of-track bumpers, they are of a construction that is new to my eyes. The WESTERN UNION office certainly catches my eye.
But in an effort to remain on topic, I notice the ARMOUR meat distributorship branch house. A company truck in the parking lot, and a New Haven switcher delivering an ARMOUR steel reefer. There appear to be overhead rails (seemingly painted green) for meat transport from the rail siding to the branch house interior.
All in all, this makes for a seriously model-genic scene for our steam era freight cars.
You can even park your ACF Talgo Train on it and nobody can tell you it is not prototypical! Just don't do it at every op session.
Claus Schlund

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