Re: Teens and Twenties shipments of Ford cars via box cars

Kenneth Montero

One of my model railroad friends, Alan Mende, who also is a Studebaker collector, had the following additions to Andy's photo:

These appear to be 1954 Studebaker bodies because it was that year that Studebaker started building station wagons.  The brownish bodies are the wagons.  The rest are either coupes (with a B pillar) or hardtops (without a B pillar).  I like Tony's model.  He can get HO scale Studebaker cars and trucks through Sylvan Scale Models.  They make the bullet nose Studebakers as well as the 1953 hardtops and early 50s trucks in many body styles.

From Ken Montero

On 09/04/2020 4:37 PM Andy Jackson <lajrmdlr@...> wrote:

Here's what looks to me to be Studebakers "stuffed" into a Santa Fe drop bottom gondola. Think these autos only included everything from firewall back, i.e. no motor, body & chassis in front of it. Studebaker had a plant on Los Angeles Junction Ry till it closed in 1956.  A fellow LAJ modeler. Tony Debates,  made the Studebaker plant for his layout (attached).
Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs CA

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