Re: Salt weathering

Jim Betz


  Thanks for sharing John Golden's step by step for salt weathering.


  1)  When did the use of galvanized on roofs become ubiquitous?  I
       associate "peeling paint on the roof" with more modern cars.  Am
       I wrong?

  2) How common/uncommon would it be to see a galvanized roof
      combined with wood roof walks?

  3) John Golden mentions using a dark color for roof cement as a base
       color for salt weathering.  I don't associate dark roofs and peeling
       paint as common.  Am I wrong on that one?

  I suspect that many (most?) freight car models - especially those that
are RTR (or, for me, RTW = ready to weather because every car that I
consider ready to run is also weathered).  It seems like replacing
the roof walks is a common "to do" for our cars if they are the heavily
and accurately researched resin models.
                                                                                        - Jim

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