Re: Dimensional Data - wrong assumptions

Dave Parker


A good place to see some of the variation in how the EXH and EXW stencils were applied is to leaf through Ted's FOFC volume 9.  Most of the cars there had '34 or '35 reweigh dates, so it's early days. Some cars didn't have these stencils, but many did, and the format varied.  Some of this looks to be simple exigencies due to the presence of the truss members on these SS cars.

I'm not sure what changed in 1936, but note this wording in the 1929 Proceedings:

So, it seems that the initial idea was not include the "X", but instead the two sets of width and height figures would be differentiated only by the order presented.  Again referring to FOFC 9, I can find a couple of examples of this, but it looks like many roads went ahead and used the "X" to make it unambiguous as to which was which.

This is pretty speculative, but I have yet to find anything about these stencils after the 1929 Proceedings.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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