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Barry Bennett

According to the 1955 tariff book the Swift tank car fleet is almost entirely made up of nominal 8000 gal cars, with the exceptions of #9100 which is the sole nom 10000 gals, #9500 to 9512 which are nom 4000gals and #9551 to 9560 which are nom 6000 gals. All are steam heated, as to be expected but #8015 to 8022, 8024 to 8031, 8035, 8036 and 8038 to 8046 are insulated as well.

The dome capacities tell a story of of a fleet of bits and pieces in that dome caps vary from 170 gals to 360 gals or so. There are a few small blocks of cars with the same dome cap, mainly 3's or 4's, that would hint they were built as a batch but the rest vary all over the place. Best of luck attaching a manufacturer or date of build to that lot.  

Barry Bennett

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but the details on the cars are scant because they are absolutely filthy.

    Interesting tank holding design/s.  Ends look similar but no two seem alike.

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