Re: Photo: UP Gondola 63960 In Discharge Mode (1922)


Far more interesting is the car behind it - SLR19040.

This is the first and only time I have ever seen that reporting mark - the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad used LASL as its normal identifier. SLR refers to the LA&SL's slogan, "The Salt Lake Route."

The car is a Pressed Steel Car Company 40-foot offset side drop bottom car, built in 1914 if I remember correctly. I have seen reference to this batch in surviving PSC records but no details were given except for the date and number of cars built. I am happy that this photo confirms that they were identical to the Utah Coal Route cars jointly owned by the LA&SL and the Utah Railway.

For the HO scale modelers, Bonsall Scale Car Shops offers kits for this car, both in its as-built version and later rebuilt versions.

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