Re: Photo: Loading Salt Into A Boxcar (1921)

Brian Termunde

Thanks once again for a wonderful photo!

A number of years ago, (way past the time frame this wonderful and educational group focuses on - so I am sorry!) I was aboard a passenger train (again off topic . . . sorry!) heading east across the Nevada desert. A little girl, in her unintentionally loud voice said, "Grandma, is THAT snow?" her grandmother told her no, it was alkali. Not that the kid knew what that was.

The next morning we were finally nearing Salt Lake and were passing the salt plants west of here when that little one asked her grandmother, "Grandma, is THAT snow?" She sighed, and told the girl no, that it was SALT. There was a pause, and then the child snorted, "Yeah, RIGHT!" the rest of us burst out laughing! How could she being so young understand that it was indeed salt.

Sorry, but this post brought back this delightful memory.

Take Care,
Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, Utah

Photo: Loading Salt Into A Boxcar (1921)
From: Bob Chaparro
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 09:37:36 PDT
Photo: Loading Salt Into A Boxcar (1921)
A photo from the Utah State Historical Society:
This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.
Looks like boring, tough work.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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