Re: Photo: B&O Boxcar 175574 (1940)

Benjamin Hom

Vince Altiere asked:
"Looking at that photo, it appears that the car farthest from the camera has a door that opens to the left. Do you know what B&O class of boxcars that might belong to? I wasn't aware the B&O had that type of car."

Class M-15H or M-15J, obsolescent double-sheathed automobile boxcars converted to general service boxcars by removing the right-opening door and sheathing over the opening, creating cars with left-opening doors.  Kits available in HO scale from Westerfield.

As railroads adopted Evans automobile loaders, lower-height automobile boxcars were repurposed as general service boxcars, first through the expedient of securing auxiliary doors, then by minor rebuilding by removing auxiliary doors and sheathing over the opening.  PRR Class X28/X28A is an example of early steel automobile boxcars that underwent this conversion, and other examples include N&W Class BP/BPA and CNJ.

Ben Hom

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