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I can second Josh’s memories.  Fluorite (or Fluorspar; a.k.a. “Spar”) was indeed used in blast furnaces to promote slag formation.  I recall seeing IC (and other) hoppers with purplish crystals being pushed into the incoming yards at USS back in the day, and being very curious about what it was.  My very good mill friends told me much later.  It was added to the burden via the skip hoist thru the bell at the top of the BF.  A lot of fluorspar was mined in southern Illinois.


I dare all y’all to model that!


Elden Gatwood


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I saw this image and thought "huh, that looks familiar."

Then I realized that I literally drove past that elevator yesterday afternoon. You can see the location on google maps here: Blocked,-112.5858464,3a,75y,144.54h,97.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sP4EH_FyLKvQSwaxC7QPrlA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

This spur is screaming with "model railroad" details. There is this little elevator, an oil dealership, and a large truck loading dock where fluorite from the Bell Hill mines northwest of Delta was transferred to gondolas to be shipped to the Geneva Steel plant in Vineyard Utah. Fluorite was used as a flux in the smelting process; it's bright purple, so imagine a train of open hoppers filled with neon lavender rocks. That's a load that will set your layout apart!


You can see a larger-resolution version of the image here: Blocked

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