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Eric Hansmann

The B&O literally had thousands of boxcars with left-opening doors.


Both of the double-sheathed cars in the Pittsburgh image are from the M-15 class, but there were a number of sub-classes with individual hardware characteristics. I do not know how many M-15 cars had the left-opening doors, but it was a common feature. For several years in the 1920s, the M-15 class was the most numerous boxcar on the B&O. The heavy underframe became the basis for rebuilding many into the  M-15k subclass; the familiar wagon-top boxcars.


There were also thousands of M-8 class 36-ft double-sheathed boxcars with left-opening doors. Many of the M-8 cars started moving off regular service as the steel-sheathed M-26 cars came into the fleet in the mid-1920s. The majority were scrapped but many moved to maintenance service. There were 9988 M-8 and subclass cars on the 1926 B&O ORER listings. These were gone by the 1943 ORER.


The M-13 and M-14 classes were also 36-ft double-sheathed boxcars with left-opening doors. These cars had a distinctive fishbelly side sill. The M-14 class were originally ventilated cars but rebuilt into M-14a boxcars in the 1920s. 4366 of these cars were listed in the 1926 ORER. By the 1943 listings, these had dwindled to 62 cars.


The M-12 class were similar to the M-13 cars and installed during PRR control in 1902. These were a variation on the Pennsy XL boxcar design. Of the 1239 cars listed in the 1926 ORER, only nine cars were in the 1943 ORER.


Look how interesting the earlier freight car fleet can be!!



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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Looking at that photo, it appears that the car farthest from the camera has a door that opens to the left. Do you know what B&O class of boxcars that might belong to ?? I wasn't aware the B&O had that type of car.


Vince Altiere

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Photo: B&O Boxcar 175574 (1940)

A photo from the Historic Pittsburgh Collection:

Click on the photo and then scroll to enlarge it.

Two additional B&O boxcars in the photo.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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