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Hello Gary and all,
since several years I have an eye on these nice W&R models - but something lets me think that the prototypes were used exclusively or almost exclusively in MOW service - so they usually could not be seen in regular freight service. Am I wrong with this?
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From the W&R flyer for these cars back in 92, they were built by the Clark Car Co. in the 1920s and 1930s;


SP 3360-3373

PRR 999000-999079 or 489900-489915

NYC X6500-6535

NP 89000-89059

DL&W 95708 plus others

B&O X330-324

WM 1410-1421

UP 91500-91544  and

SP&S X50-51


Very finely detailed cars with additional air tanks to provide detail options.   The trucks a require replacement wheels and axles.


Gary Laakso

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I found a similar car on the RF&P around 1988. It would seem that the entire gondola part of the car can be tipped using train air. Even says "AIR DUMP" to the left of the coupler. Other than that, I know nothing about who built these or how common they were. Nice to know they were around in our era of interest.


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Photo: Pittsburgh & Shawmut Railroad Dump Car M-24 (1954)

A photo from the Historic Pittsburgh Collection:

Click on the photo and then scroll to enlarge it.

Bob Chaparro

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