SAL single sheathed series 13001-13500 and 13501-13965

Eric Lombard

Good afternoon, Folks...

I have been unable to determine if any cars in the 13000s were rebuilt to steel sheathing. Does anyone know about this possibility? If so is there a photo to share? Many of the nearly identical cars in 12000-12999 (1926), 15000-15999 (1930) and 16000-16999 (1930) were rebuilt to steel sheathing: First in 1941 (12000s without renumbering); then 1952-1955 (15000s, 16000s renumbered to 14000s, 20000s). Some were rebuilt with the steel plating inside the posts and braces, some with plating outside the braces. With this in mind it makes sense that the 13000s would also participate since they were essentially identical to 12000s, 15000s, 16000s when built.

Much appreciation if someone(s) might be able to enlighten me with an image and/or words.

Thank you in advance,
Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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