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Eric Hansmann

The location is Pittsburgh, almost at the Point. The Allegheny River is on the left. The cars are lettered for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago (PRR Lines West), Alabama Great Southern (Southern subsidiary), Sullivan County (B&M related?), and I think the last one is D&H.


The elevated structure connected the Pennsy yards in the Strip District 20 blocks north of the location, with the Pennsy freight house and team yard at the Point. This 1925 aerial image offers a look at a long gone part of the city.


It took railroads a decade to upgrade or replace equipment to meet the MCB requirements that fulfill the 1911 amendment to the Safety Appliances Act.



Eric Hansmann

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I have to question the Sept 1912 date.  None of those cars appear to be compliant with the 1911 changes to the SAA  (ladders, grabs, sill-steps, etc.).  When the amendments were passed in 1910, the implementation date was specified to be July 1, 1911, and I believe that is how it transpired.

Alternatively, the date is correct, but those cars are not in interchange.
Dave Parker
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