Re: Photo: PRR Boxcar 515355 (1912)

Guy Wilber

Dave Parker were:

“It would take some compelling photographic evidence to convince me that there were non-compliant cars in interchange in 1920 (or, perhaps, even in 1912).”

From the list archives (2014):

By order of the ICC issued March 13, 1911, carriers were granted a five year extension from July 1, 1911 to July 1, 1916.  Further extensions included:  On November 2, 1915 an extension to July 1, 1917; On April 12, 1917 an extension to March 1, 1918; on February 1, 1918 an extension to September 1, 1919; and on August 29, 1919 an extension to March 1, 1920.  On March 2, 1920, The ARA filed application for a further extension which was denied on August 7, 1920.  
The ICC stated that their denial to the ARA's request was due mainly to the "liberal" amount of time already granted within the extensions.  The commission also noted within its decision that the ARA had made their request a day past the existing deadline though this was not a major factor within their decision.   
Data supplied by the ARA shortly after the ICC's hearing showed that there were about 45,000 cars still in need of some work to fully comply with the provisions of the Safety Appliance Standards.  About 60% of that total included cars which would require minor repairs only in order to bring them into full compliance.  The largest portion of the remainder consisted of cars which did not meet the required ladder clearances (likely) requiring major repairs in order to fully comply or those scheduled for scrapping.  

Guy Wilber
Driggs, Idaho

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