Re: Safety Appliance details - was Photo: PRR Boxcar 515355 (1912)

Eric Hansmann

Dave Parker wrote:

The ICC (not the MCB) was charged with developing the details of the required appliances, it was put on a deadline (with a threat of penalty), and the fines to be charged the railroads (by the ICC) for noncompliance are spelled out at this time.





I was wrong about the MCB developing the details for the required appliances, but it was not the ICC either. A General Committee of Railroads on Safety Appliance Standards was formed in 1910 to develop details on standardized safety appliances and their locations in order to fulfill the amendment to the Safety Appliance Act. The committee was formed “At the instance of the Secretary of the ICC…” Their findings were published and available to review at this link. Page five details the formation of this committee and their duties.


I mentioned the MCB as I had this book in mind; Drawings of the Standards and Recommended Practice of the Master Car Builders’ Association.


Obviously, the Committee and the MCB worked closely to develop the safety appliance specifics.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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