Re: Photo: Rock Island Furniture Boxcar 60503 (1917)

Eric Hansmann

That’s a great string of classic freight cars. A well-worn B&LE gondola is at the far right. The Rock Island furniture boxcar is easy to identify. It is one of 213 cars in the 60500-60749 series. The 1917 ORER has these designated as XA. Under the Class column they are Furniture-Auto, but a note indicates only cars with double end-doors are for automobile loading.


An SP boxcar is next followed by an older NC&StL truss rod car. The next car has a Pennsy heritage look, but the markings are not readable. It’s difficult to see if there is a ladder grab on the car end. A roof grab looks like it might be above a ladder that is closer to the center of the car end. The hand brake wheel looks like it is right of the coupler, too.


An MP truss rod car follows with a composite gon at the far left just behind a locomotive. Cool stuff!


Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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Photo: Rock Island Furniture Boxcar 60503 (1917)

A photo from the Historic Pittsburgh Collection:

Click on the photo and then scroll to enlarge it.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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