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Garth Groff and Sally Sanford

Claus and Friends,

These cars are a very rare find. Although the Atlantic & North Carolina dated to before the Civil War, it was under lease and completely absorbed by the original Norfolk Southern between 1906 and 1935. When the NS couldn't make their lease payments, the A&NC went independent again, operating between Goldsboro and Beaufort. It was branded the "Old Mullet Line", as seen on the boxcar's quirky herald. Unable to make a profit, the line was leased out again in 1939 as the Southern-backed Atlantic & East Carolina Railway. During WWII military traffic boomed, and the port became a major shipping area. Today much of the line is still operated by the current Norfolk Southern. North Carolina Ports operates several miles of switching lines in Morehead City. The track to Beaufort (mostly on trestles) is gone.

I have a soft spot for railroads around Morehead City, having had a chance to briefly explore them in 1983 while passing through on an assignment as a Coast Guard Photojournalist. The line to Beaufort was still operating then as the Beaufort & Morehead, and one of their Whitcomb switchers was batting around DODX tank cars filled with jet fuel for the nearby Marine base. Some of those cars were the prototypes for the Red Caboose model, probably running out their last miles.

The A&NC's corporate history, with lots of locomotive photos, is covered in NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILROAD, OLD DOMINION LINE AND CONNECTIONS by Richard E. Prince (self-published, 1972). This book is almost as rare as photos of the A&NC's cars themselves. His book does include good photos of ANC boxcar 21105 and caboose 308 among the locomotive shots.

Given that the "Old Mullet Line" lasted only four or so years, these two photos are an extreme rarity. Thanks for noticing them.

Yours Aye,

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Hi List Members,
I stumbled upon some images of ANC (Atlantic & North Carolina?) rolling stock - see images below...
Claus Schlund

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