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Out of curiosity, I went to Google maps and looked for the C. Reiss plant. No such luck, though the building may still exist. A street address would help. However, a closed C. Reiss "coal field" shows across the St. Louis River in West Duluth near the intersection of Waseca Industrial Road and Leisure Street. This location is also listed for C. Reiss Coal Co. as a firewood dealer, but either way this area appears to have been cleared for redevelopment.

C. Reiss still has a coal loading operation in Green Bay. Google Maps also delivers two listings for C. Reiss Coal Co. in various other cities that are marked "attorney", which sounds very odd to me.

Sometimes I just want to throw up my hands and scream when trying to find something specific on Google Maps.

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   The C Reiss briquette plant was (may still be) in Superior, WI along Winter Street, not far from where the NP's grassy Point bridge was/is.
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C Reiss also had a coal briquette plant in Green Bay on the Milwaukee Road at the southwest corner of State and 7th Streets (near their large 2-gantry coal yard on the Fox River).  It was operated seasonally into the 1960s at least (evidenced by waybilled shipments to a foundry in Algoma, WI on the A&W Rwy).

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