Re: What car is this on the Rio Grande?

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


Silver Streak was a line of wood-sided freight cars, mostly boxcars, cabooses, a few refrigerators, and a Hart convertible gondola. The cars had scribed and pre-painted plywood sides and unpainted diecast ends, underframes, brake parts and doors that were applied to a wooden core: typical construction for the 1950s when they were introduced. As was common in those days the cars were pretty generic, and didn't really represent their purported prototypes. For example, the D&RGW "Cookie Box" they offered should have had steel sides, not wooden, and the paint was white rather than silver. The line was acquired by Walthers in the early 1970s, but was retired a few years later when they bought the Train Miniature plastic freight car line.

By the way, some of the cars I built just before the Walthers take-over were painted with Ulrich 410M, and this was specified in the instructions. This paint brand had disappeared some years before. It wasn't always easy to match the sides with Floquil.

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Who or what is this “Silver Streak”?
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