Re: What car is this on the Rio Grande?

Tony Thompson

Garth Groff  wrote:

Silver Streak was a line of wood-sided freight cars, mostly boxcars, cabooses, a few refrigerators, and a Hart convertible gondola. The cars had scribed and pre-painted plywood sides and unpainted diecast ends, underframes, brake parts and doors that were applied to a wooden core: typical construction for the 1950s when they were introduced. As was common in those days the cars were pretty generic, and didn't really represent their purported prototypes. 

    Worth observing that the older portion of the Silver Streak line, maybe a third of the kits, including the SP cupola caboose, were about 10 percent oversize, almost exactly making them OO scale, maybe hedging their bets in case OO won out over HO? Caveat Emptor.
     But many can be salvaged. Richard Hendrickson wrote a nice article for_ Prototype Modeler_  (issue for January 1986) showing how he corrected the dimensions on a WFEX reefer kit. I showed the completed model in one of my blog posts about Richard (link below if you're interested).

Tony Thompson

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