Re: News regarding long-time list member Dr. Denny Anspach

Gary Ray

I am so sad to hear that news.  I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with he and his wife at his home in 2018.  What a gifted modeler of rolling stock.  He even presented me with a car off his layout for use on mine.  His many contributions to the hobby and particularly in helping create the wonderful California State Railroad Museum are memorable.  Although I did not know him well except through emails, he was such a wonderful host and I’m honored to get to know him a little bit better.


My prayers go out to he and his family.


God bless,

Gary Ray

Magalia, CA


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 gary laakso wrote:

Per a post on Railway Preservation News' Interchange discussion board (, long-time list PassengerCarList member Dr. Denny Anspach, one of the founders of the California State Railroad Museum, is in hospice in Sacramento with an inoperable throat tumor.


     This is sad news, though not totally unexpected. Denny's health has not been great in recent years. But his contributions to the California State Railroad Museum are immense, and one could hardly ask for a more gigantic legacy. For me, he has been a good friend and, often, confidant and fellow striver with ancient-era HO scale freight cars. And many know his genial face from most of the Cocoa Beach meetings. He is sure going to be missed.


Tony Thompson





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