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Mont Switzer


I guess I did the same with my brass caboose fleet only I am probably a bit more "ham handed" in how I accomplished this.

First, I got rid of the brass trucks. I was able to find matching styrene trucks for each model, leaf springs where required and all. I equipped them with REBOXX wheel sets.

I drilled and threaded the truck mounting holes for 2-56 screws and added a washer if needed.

I found the old screw mounting system prone to the screws backing out. I usually found our when a train "left town" with the caboose following along on only one truck. When I went to the 2-56 screws I added a drop of gap filling ACC when installing them.

My brass cabooses and other cars no longer "derailment magnets." In fact their weight makes them quite reliable.

Mont Switzer

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Sent: Friday, September 18, 2020 2:06 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] truck screws for brass models

I recently had a request to repeat a description I had given in a talk at a conference, about how I had replaced the shouldered truck screws common on brass freight car models (and a ready source of operating problems). I decided to make it into a blog post, and the link is below if you're interested.

Tony Thompson

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