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Bruce Smith

A couple of additional notes. 

1) Remember that stock cars carried more than stock, so their appearance could be to carry a different cargo.

2) Not all stock movements were to slaughter. There were large movements of stock from Texas to pastures in Pennsylvania (King Ranch holdings). In addition, stock cars were used to move carloads of breeding stock, and to move animals such as horses, and rodeo stock.

3) There are significant numbers of photos of western stock cars on the PRR. While these cars would have been a minority, their presence is obvious. This may relate to times of the year when the PRR's fleet was unable to cope (much like the grain rush), or it may simply relate to local availability of cars (in other words, the PRR may have 1000 cars, but there are only 10 PRR cars in the yard and they need to ship 12 carloads. I have a feeling this happened fairly often.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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I'm curious about something about the Proto 2000 stock car that I'm interested in buying from my LHS.

So most of the models seem to be painted and modeled after WWII. What modifications can I make to one to fit my year of 1939? Would they more than likely have K brakes at this time?

I'm not sure what railroads owned these stock cars, I've seen NP owned a few. What possible railroads could I fit this in?

Finally more of a general but maybe dumb question, would a stock car from let's say New York Central end up in a western state like Utah? It seems stock cars would've stayed on their own railroads but I could be wrong.

Thanks, Ray

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