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Bruce Smith

Steve, Folks,

Steve - thank you for posting this photo - it is so quintessentially "Doc Denny"! If I remember correctly, he was sharing a story that my models had stimulated. I will miss his gentle demeanor, which disguised a very serious intensity. As some may know, but many may not, Denny was a PRR fan and knew a great deal about the PRR in addition to his favored western roads. In addition to being a historian of railroads, Denny was a historian of modeling, and I will also miss his efforts to bring the past into the present, usually with a very old kit, done up to his more exacting present day standards. But most of all, I will miss his warmth and friendship.

Clear Tracks my Friend!
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Denny with Bruce Smith from Cocoa Beach 2015.  Always with a story to share.



He will be greatly missed.


Steve Hile


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It is my sad duty to inform you that my great friend, Denny Anspach, passed away today, September 20, 2020.  Denny was a man of great accomplishments, not only within our hobby of prototype and model railroading, but also in other areas.  But to me his greatest attribute was his friendship and mentoring – which I will try to “pay forward” until we meet again.  I was often impressed by the fact that he knew so many great individuals.  I gradually learned that Denny had a tremendous ability to focus on a person’s best traits, no matter who they were.  All people are great and highly accomplished in some way, and Denny always spoke of a person’s finest character.


I will miss him tremendously.


-Jeff Aley


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