Re: Accurail 4300: CB&Q 15000-15499 or C&S 13500 series

Nelson Moyer

Beautiful build. The Accurail car body is very close to the original Speedwitch kit, except the Accurail body has the wood grain detail. The minor differences between the prototype and the Accurail body are in the door stops. The CB&Q removed the horizontal door brace when they added the slogan, and they added the top triangular reinforcement plates for the Z-bars about that time. I build the Sunshine kit as an XM-26, which is virtually identical to the XM-25, and the photo is attached for comparison with the Accurail body. Ted now offers an improved version of the Speedwitch kit, and I have two of them still in the boxes. They include the wood grain detail and other improvements.


Nelson Moyer


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Sorry, hit Send before attaching photos. 
René LaVoise
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