Re: Accurail 4300: CB&Q 15000-15499 or C&S 13500 series

Dennis Storzek

Really nice work on the C&S car. I see, like the Soo Line, the C&S didn't see any utility in applying a brake step.

I was familiar with at least some of the Q's single sheathed cars from the numerous car bodies that used to be on farms around here, twenty miles from the shops in Aurora, but having incomplete bodies is one thing, real builders drawings are better, and those came via Ken Goslett and Stafford Swain courtesy of the Canadian Railway Historical Society museum in Delson, PQ, so the basis for the Accurail car became a CN car. Back in those days whatever we did was going to be a stand-in for 99 out of a 100 road names anyway, but I wanted good drawings to get at least that 100th car right.

If I could make one suggestion for an additional improvement, carve the back off the lower brake staff support. The prototype is really bent bar stock and the back edges should really be parallel to the outer edge. The part on the model became triangular to add some meat to make it less delicate and simplify tool construction.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc. 

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