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Mont Switzer

Jeff and all,


There are not enough words to describe what Denny meant to both my wife and I.  Jeff, I could not  have said it any better.


Looking back,


Denny liked to build wood kits and he was a master at it.  Once I knew this I purchased some “golden oldies” at train shows and sent them to him to enjoy.  Then I found a wood kit I wanted to keep.  It was partly built, no remaining parts, no instructions or manufacturer information.  I sent it to Denny and asked if he would complete it figuring he had a stash of vintage detail parts.  The car came back beautifully done along with a history of the model as well and the manufacturer.  I will always think of Denny when I see that car. 


A visit to Denny’s layout was a pleasure.  Many if not most of his cars were from wood and metal kits.  They were so well done you would not recognize this until he shared the sources of the models.


Denny was meticulous about his fine brass collector locomotives.   They had to run perfectly before he would install DCC and sound.  His painting was masterful also.


I could go on and on.  Seeing him twice per year was not often enough.  He always had more to share.  Denny was Denny and that was just fine with me.




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It is my sad duty to inform you that my great friend, Denny Anspach, passed away today, September 20, 2020.  Denny was a man of great accomplishments, not only within our hobby of prototype and model railroading, but also in other areas.  But to me his greatest attribute was his friendship and mentoring – which I will try to “pay forward” until we meet again.  I was often impressed by the fact that he knew so many great individuals.  I gradually learned that Denny had a tremendous ability to focus on a person’s best traits, no matter who they were.  All people are great and highly accomplished in some way, and Denny always spoke of a person’s finest character.


I will miss him tremendously.


-Jeff Aley


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