Re: Dr. Denny Anspach, MD 1934-2020

Kurt Stoebe

I learned about Dr Anspach through this group. I contacted him a couple of years ago and introduced myself. I told him we were both  part time residents of West Okoboji and suggested that we meet sometime when he was there. Unfortunately this did not happen. 

I discovered the location of the the Anspach home on one of my morning walks.  It was easy to identify through the unique placement of a semaphore signal head near the garage . 

I was greatly saddened to learn of the doctor’s placement in hospice last week. Early Sunday morning while on my walk, I stopped in the Anspach driveway and thought of all the enjoyment that he and brother had through the years on West Okoboji. 

Then I was chilled with the thought that he would probably never see it again.

There is a nature preserve near the cabin that is dedicated to another member of the family. They have certainly left a legacy for all of us. 

To a life well lived!

Kurt Stoebe

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