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Mont Switzer



I’ve not OVERCOATED decals with Future.  I assume it helps the decals lay down better and that is why you do it? 


I use Testor’s dullcoat to eliminate the Future shine.  Sometimes a second coat is required.




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Airbrush, no thinner, better in a couple thin coats. It can go on over any paint, acrylic or not. Just make sure that the non-acrylic paint is completely dry (48 hours).


If a paint works well for you for decaling already, no need for Future.


I typically do the whole car side, although I concentrate on the areas where decals will go to make sure that they are covered. I often, but not always, do a coat OVER the decals after they are on. 


If you just have a small decal to do, such as a chalk mark, then use a brush, just in that area. 




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Good morning- I have been using Pledge to affix rivet decals to plastic and resin, based on the advice from Bill Welch and others in this group. It has worked very well. In those cases, I was brushing Pledge in the areas where the rivets were to be placed. But I have read that others use Pledge as a finish coat before applying decals. I am assuming that in those cases, Pledge was applied over  acrylic paint such as Polyscale, due to the flat finish of those paints, correct? Do you spray it on? If so, do you thin it? And what's the thinner? Or do you brush it in the areas where the decals go? Also, I'm thinking that with a paint like Scalecoat 2, this would be unnecessary since that paint has a gloss finish already  and  decals can be applied right on top. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks. Les

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