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Hi Rich, 

Lots of reasearch. I'm currently looking at the Mather fleet from 1880 on, and am slowly compiling data (slowly, since their company records don't exist. I'm having to read basically every page from every ORER and trade magazine looking for clues. Once that's done I'll read through all of the ICC Val Reports. MCBA, ARA, and ICC reports are also being waded through).

Richard's pieces on the Mather fleet really don't start until WWII; I'm focusing on what happened before that. As the third largest private car fleet, Mather deserves a real examination. Once done, I'll probably "publish" on Eric Hansmann's blog.

Ray Breyer
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Hi Ray,

What’s your source of information for the “Stretching of the 36” Mather stock cars to 40”?

Rich Yoder


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Yes and no. Those original 40 foot Mather stock cars were stretched 36-footers, which they had too many of and which nobody wanted to lease. They started stretching them around 1928, but forgot that the center sills were a bit small (6" C channel, IIRC). They tended to sag a little too much, so Mather added two trussrods along the center sill to strengthen it (traditionally, trussrods are used to hold an all-wood BODY together, not a steel frame).


By the early Depression years the stretched cars, and the newly built 40-footers, had a stronger underframe, and the trussrods were eliminated. I have a few photos of WWII-era Mather cars that still have the rods, mostly on long term lease C&NW cars.


Ray Breyer
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Circa 1939 photos I own show L&N and CNW Mather stock cars with truss rod u/f.

Bill Welch

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