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Rob & Bev Manley

I have been using Pledge for about 30 years as my gloss coat prior to decaling. It works well with acrylic paints and makes decaling a breeze. Some times it might show a muddiness in the target area but it will go away. Much like white glue turns clear. I have a nickel plated Oriental Twin Cities Zephyr and 2 E-7s that I used it on and the finish has never cracked or failed. You can even cut the Future with a little Silver to tone down the shiny plating as shown in an old Mainline Modeler article by Bob Kosic. He didn't use Future, I did. 
Another use is to attach Photo Etch parts by using a small artist watercolor brush. It worked great on my Genesis Farr air filter grills. It is an acrylic product and has some flexibility, unlike ACC. 
Use full strength in your airbrush and don't lay it on too thick as it will run. If you notice this, take it to the sink and scrub the model with a toothbrush and Windex. So yes, no thinning required. 
The military guys say you can add Talcum to it to make your own Flat finish. I haven't tried that.

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On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 11:29:22 AM CDT, Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...> wrote:

I have even been known to use it on my Pergo floors without harm. Let us hope that J&J never tries to "improve" it in our lifetimes...
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