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Dennis, is the Central Valley roof the Cambra steel roof?  I've been wanting to do the DT&I rebuilt boxcar that used this roof.

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Comments, suggestions, other possible projects (I have two of the stock car kits; sorry, but I don't want to sell them at this time).
The problem is it's an excellent model of a very rare roof, which means it's easy to identify where it DOESN'T belong, which is most everywhere. The roof was patented by a Mr. Robertson, Master Car Builder for the Northern Pacific and he attempted to market it, but to my knowledge The Soo Line was the only road to buy. This is NOT a solid steel roof, but rather an outside metal roof designed to be supported by wood sheathing; in fact the details of the sheathing are the gist of the patent, the metal is only an incidental covering. The feature that gives this away are the cast clasps at the end of the seam caps, which were attached by screws to a wood fascia. The NP used this roof on numerous classes of box, stock, and refrigerator cars. The Soo used it on four groups of their distinctive "sawtooth" boxcars, and ten milk cars that look like express reefers. That's it. It doesn't really belong on any all steel car; too early.

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